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What does it mean to be financially optimized?

Examine and adjust your financial situation to it’s optimal condition – do a little each day.

You can live your best life. Now. Today. Without working in a job you hate the rest of your life. 

No matter your current situation, find your path to becoming financially optimized and start living your dreams starting today. See how I achieved financial independence here



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Case studies for all financial situations. Could one of these case studies show you a way out of your own financial struggle?

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Be Battle Ready...Financially

Your Financial “Armor” is Weak – Learn How to Strengthen It

March 15, 2021

Growing up I was told the story of an army captain that valued, above all, the liberty and freedom of his people.  If battle was to be waged, he would be ready.  Every part of his land had been fortified; from trenches, to walls, to perfectly armored soldiers keeping constant lookout.  His cities were impenetrable.  His enemies feared him, and he could not be defeated.  

Why was this captain victorious?  He never stopped investing in the security of his fortresses and arming his people… Let’s the weaknesses in your financial armor and in your financial fortress. You can become victorious financially in whatever goal you seek to accomplish but it starts with finanical optimization… 


Category⇒ Budgeting & Finance

Bulletproof Your Emergency Fund

You’ll be surprised at what resources you may already have available to you in a time of need

What exactly should an emergency fund plan look like? How much cash should I have in liquid reserves? How much at a bank? Where else could I look in an emergency for reseources?

Your emergency fund should be a multi faceted group of accounts. You should have a plan in place for how you would access those funds in an emergency…

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March 9, 2021

Category ⇒ Budgeting & Finance

Featured Financial Independence Case Studies

Case studies showing how others including myself have or could achieved financial independence. Could one of these case studies show you a way to improve your own situation?   

Financial Case Studies

Should I Quit My Job to Build a Business?

Here we outline the proper risk mitigation process as well as a useful decision making strategy for deciding whether or not to quit your job to build a business.

Live-in-flip house fully completed and staged

The Live-in-Flip

See how I went from living nearly mortgage free through a “House Hack” to doubling my money with a “Live-in-Flip”.


Use Your Home Equity Line of Credit to Invest in Real Estate

Coming soon, I will share how we used our HELOC to invest in several real estate transactions.

Who Are We?

This is me – Chris. I’m the founder of I’m 34 years old. I’m the father of 4 energetic kids, husband to an amazing wife who put aside her career ambitions (for a time) in order to fill one of the most important responsibilities and hardest jobs ever – to be a stay at home mom (that means ONE income). And we are financially independent.

I get to wake up every day knowing that I don’t have to work. We’ve built the financial foundations that give me the freedom to make that decision. I still choose to “work” most days and play some days. Playing for me looks like fly fishing, trail running, hiking, or otherwise adventuring with my family.

My wife and I are just like most people, we started from zero. Yes, we chose to get college educations, but that wasn’t why we are where we are. It’s what we built over the last ten years since graduation that led us to where we are today. Our little choices we’ve made every day to optimize our finances made a huge difference over 10 years. No, it isn’t one simple strategy to financial freedom but many little decisions that make a huge impact over time. It will take hard work and sacrifice – but ANYONE CAN DO IT. You have the potential in your to be financially independent perhaps much sooner than you realize. 

Click below to read our story of how we went from poor but driven newlyweds to financially independent in 10 years.

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